Certified Refurbished Amazon Echo – Up To 30% Off

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We have only had the Amazon Echo in the UK for about four weeks.

I pre-ordered one and it has been a HUGE hit in our house.

The Echo is a wi-fi connected wireless speaker – but it’s also so, so, so much more.

At its most simple level it is a voice activated radio and music player. You just tell it what to play (pretty much any radio station in the world is available through iHeartRadio) and it does. You can use your voice to raise and lower volume and to turn it on and off.

If you have Amazon Music or Spotify these stream via a voice command – and you can use it as a ‘dumb’ Bluetooth speaker for Apple Music – I use both!

Then there are ‘skills’ which are things you can add on and have the Echo do. Simple ones include asking it to tell you the news from your preferred source and it will give you an update. Or you can ask for a weather report.

If you connect a diary (Google Calendar for example) the Echo will update you on upcoming events and appointments.

Then there’s a whole host of other cool tricks. Mine is on the kitchen worktop and as I cook I simply ask Alexa (the Echo’s version of Siri) to set a timer for anything I’m cooking.

And, it’ll just keep getting better.

The reason we’ve got this in the Friday Deal is that an Echo should be $179.99 but you can get an ‘as new’ and fully refurbished one (i.e. it’s the same as new!) at the moment for a lot less, $119.99 in fact. That’s 30% off, and based on availability.

All I can say is that I love it. I needed to buy a new radio for the kitchen as I listen to radio or music whilst cooking and I’m in there a lot! When I saw that the Echo did this perfectly it became a no-brainer for me to get one rather than a ‘standalone’ radio.

And, I’m very glad I did!

List Price: $170.99
With Deal: $119.99  
You Save: $51.00 (30%)

Get yours here:

Click for more info on the Amazon Echo
November 11, 2016