How To Set up your New iPad or iPhone

Congratulations! Finally you’ve joined the iGeneration! You’ve got a new iPhone or iPad and you’re excited to get it set up and ready. But wait. There are an awful lot of questions that are a bit scary if this is your first experience of the Apple technology land. So we’re going to give you a step by step guide to what it’s all about.

Set Up your Apple ID

Before you start you will need to make sure you have an Apple ID. This is basically an account with Apple – if you buy anything on iTunes, you probably already have this, but if not you will need to set one up, as it will be the main access for everything you do relating to Apple from now on. You’ll need it to access the App store to buy apps (if this is your first smart phone, then bear with me, but apps are basically programs available on your device which let you do almost anything – from maps to photo editing to music streaming.

  1. To set up your Apple ID click here to register for your Apple ID.
  2. Enter your details and hit Create Apple ID
  3. Make sure you note these down as it gets much more complicated if you lose these details!

create apple ID - How To Set up your New iPad or iPhone

Now you’ve set up your Apple ID, you are ready to set up your new device – this article specifically shows you how to set up your new iPad or iPhone.

Set Up Your Device

  1. Make sure you are within range of a Wi-Fi network and you have the password to hand.
  2. Switch on your device (the On/Off switch will be on the top right side of the device). Press it and hold for a couple of seconds until it switches on and you see the Apple logo.
  3.  First you will see a greeting in multiple languages.
  4. Swipe your finger across the screen to the right to begin
  5. Choose the language you want – be careful not to select the wrong one, as it’s much more tricky to navigate out when you don’t understand the language
  6. Choose the Country you are in
  7. Select your Wi-Fi network and sign in. You need Wi-Fi to do most things on an iPad or iPhone, and while 3G enables you to access a lot when you’re not connected to Wi-Fi, it’s probably going to be a lot smoother and faster if you are connected to Wi-Fi
  8. Enable Location Services – this means your device uses geographical information to know where you are – it means you will be able to use Find My iPhone or Find My iPad if you lose it, and you’ll be able to access maps and navigate.
  9. If you have never owned an iPhone or iPad before (and this article is written  for you) choose to Set Up New iPhone or Set Up New iPad
  10. Sign in with your Apple ID
  11. Agree to Terms and Conditions – it is worth having a copy of these so click ‘Send By Email’ at the top of the page
  12. Choose ‘Use iCloud’. You need it for backing up, syncing and saving everything.
  13. iCloud Drive – you will need this, but you can come back to it later, so choose ‘Not Now’
  14. Click Next on iMessage and Facetime
  15. Create a 4 digit passcode that you will remember
  16. Avoid Keychain for just now as it’s a bit complex for newbies (Choose Set up Later)
  17. Siri – up to you – I don’t use Siri, but it’s a good piece of voice activation kit
  18. In order to improve the software I would recommend you choose ‘Automatically send diagnostics’ but if you are worried choose ‘Don’t Send’
  19. Welcome to your iPhone or iPad! You’re in!

We made a whole e-book (free too) on iCloud and how to use it which covers a lot of this stuff, so if you’d like a copy, just click here to download it. 

Here’s a Video to show you step by step:

We hope you enjoy playing with the new device. There are so many amazing apps you might want to check out on your new device, and Penny went to a lot of trouble to create a list of our top 118 best apps that are broken down into categories. If you want recommendations on the best tested apps for organisation, health and fitness, film making, photo editing, etc, then check out our mega apps article here. 


March 4, 2015