How To Share Your Location Using iMessage

The days of hide and seek are over. You can now be found at any time – if you want to be. Here at iCloud Login we are often called to meetings in various unknown locations, and we find the easiest way to find each other since the launch of iOS 8 is by using iMessage to share our location. You might be meeting people, or you might want someone to know where you are just in case something goes wrong (i.e people who go walking in the hills on their own). This is probably what the guy the film 127 hours was based on (who had to cut off his own arm as no help came) should have done.

This feature is likely to be of interest to parents of kids with iPhones, people who go for long solitary walks, people who are lost, people who are likely to get lost, paranoid over protective girlfriends/boyfriends, etc and a whole host of others.

Share Your Location in iMessage

  1. Open iMessage and open a conversation with whoever you want to share your location with
  2. Click the ‘Details’ button in the top right

Choose How Long To Share Your Location For

Now you have two options:

  1. Send My Current Location will send a map of your current location to your friend immediately with your location highlighted with a pin like a picture message
  2. Share My Location – this gives your friend the right to see your location over a set period of time agreed by you. You can choose to share your location once, share it until the end of the day (great if you’re on the move but still want to be found) or indefinitely (for people who want to be always detectable)

Share my location - How To Share Your Location Using iMessage

It works similarly to Find My Friends app, and if you have chosen ‘Share Indefinitely’ your friend will be able to go into the Details tab on the top right of the message with you and see your location until the end of time! Or your iPhone.


November 19, 2014