How To Speed Up Any iPhone

speed up any iphone - How To Speed Up Any iPhoneIf you’re using an iPhone that is more than a year or so old or if you’ve stored lots of data on your iPhone, you’ll find that over time it becomes more sluggish and harder to get peak performance.

In other words, it’ll start to feel slow!

You’ll know that your iPhone is suffering because many of the functions will become less responsive and apps will take longer to open and run. It’s just not the same as your iPhone was when it was new.

However, regardless of how old your iPhone is, there is plenty that you can do to take steps to speed it up and make it feel almost like new again.

So we’ve come up with this checklist of 12 steps that you can follow to speed up any iPhone – regardless of its age and condition – kind of like a ‘spring clean’ for your iPhone!

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This checklist is a downloadable pdf (click here to open it in a new window) that is taken from a full article that looks at all 12 steps in detail.

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