Speed Up the Login Process in OS X

If you’re having troubles with a slow login process on your Mac, then this article is going to show you a few things you can do to speed it up!

1. Go to System Preferences> Users and Groups and select the Login Items tab

How To Speed Up the Login Process in OS X1 - Speed Up the Login Process in OS X

2. Deselect any items you don’t want to open automatically in the Login process (the more items automatically opening upon Login, the slower your computer will run).

It’s fairly common for Mac users not to check these, so you might have a list of things opening automatically that you didn’t even realise. This is where you can stop that from happening and speed up your machine. If you don’t know what something is – Google it before unselecting, just in case!

3. Start the restart process on your machine.


Untitled 11 - Speed Up the Login Process in OS X

4. Deselect “Reopen windows when logging back in”

How To Speed Up Login Process - Speed Up the Login Process in OS X


If this box is left checked, everything you were running the last time you used your Mac will open upon Login, which will seriously slow down your machine. For most of us, this is un-necessary anyway because we usually don’t notice they have all opened anyway, and it just means the machine will be slower. As long as you know how to open things manually (i.e by clicking on the icon in the dock, or by going into the folder hosting the file and opening from there) then there really isn’t any reason to have things opening automatically – unless you only ever use the computer to do one thing, in which case, it will save you time.

5. Make sure you have updated all programmes by going to the Apple (top left of screen) and select Software Updates which will open the App Store where you can check for updates. Remember to Restart after updating to get the best results.

6. If your Mac is still running particularly slowly, you can check the Activity Monitor by going to Applications>Utilities>Activity Monitor and you’ll be able to see which programmes are taking up your machine’s CPU.

Good luck!


June 18, 2014