‘OMG’ – Two Easy Steps to Syncing your Shortcuts on iOS and Mavericks

We’ve all been there. A ‘lol’ here, a ‘brb’ there… Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to type out the full message. This is where text shortcuts come in to save the day. Typing just a few letters automatically corrects to a phrase for example you could type ‘lol’ and it would be corrected to ‘oh my, how incredibly witty!’

Now, the beauty of these shortcuts is that with iOS and Mavericks you can sync them between all your devices which saves you time and effort as any changes you make to their settings (on any device) are automatically updated on your other devices. We’re going to show you how to sync your text shortcuts in a few simple steps.

1. Make sure you have shortcuts enabled

On your Mac simply go to:

System Preferences > iCloud Preferences > check the Documents & Data setting

Or on your iOS device go to:

Settings > iCloud and toggle the Documents & Data setting to green

2. Customising Text Shortcuts 

On iOS, go to:

Settings > General > Keyboard and tap Shortcuts (at the bottom).

Now to add shortcuts you simply tap the + button and fill in the phrase you’d like followed by the shortcut you’d like and save it.

To remove shortcuts you hit the blue Edit button (lower left) and weed out the ones you don’t want.

On Mavericks, go to:

System Preferences > Keyboard > hit the Text tab (at the top)

To add a shortcut simply hit the + button and add the phrase and shortcut you want then save.

To remove one simply select the shortcut you want to delete and hit -.

Et Voila!

You have now successfully enabled text shortcuts across your devices! Happy typing! Now if only they had a toggle on/off button for them…

February 18, 2014