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Take Control Of iOS With iMazing 2

December 6, 2022

iMazing 2 is an app that allows you to maintain and customize your iOS device in ways that Apple does not let you do.
For example, iMazing 2 has a profile manager. The app also has a system file browser that is not available from any Apple app.

iMazing 2 also offers unique options for backing up and protecting your iPhone. You can create an automatic backup schedule, choose where your backups are stored, choose how they are archived, and more.

Essentially, this app gives you extra control in ways that Apple does not. We will go the app’s features and how to use it. Follow along and learn how to maintain your iOS device!

Getting Started With iMazing

iMazing allows you to get deep into your iOS device and make sure it is running smoothly. Apple keeps most setting locked down for a reason – you can easily make mistakes when changing settings on computers.

The iMazing 2 app makes changing settings safe and easy. You have to download [link: https://imazing.com/download/macos] the app from the developer’s website, as it is not available on the app store.

Once you download the app, double click it from the Downloads folder.

img  open .dmg  - Take Control Of iOS With iMazing 2

Once you open the app and move it into the Applications folder, you can begin to use the app.

To start, plug in your iPhone. Start up the iMazing 2 app.

There are certain things that you cannot do with the trial version of this app – transferring images to a device and restoring a backup are limited in their capacities until you pay for the app.

img  imazing trial - Take Control Of iOS With iMazing 2

However, for the intents of this guide, just click on ‘Continue Trial’. If you fall in love with the app, you can consider purchasing it.

Backing Up iOS With iMazing

iMazing 2 offers manual backups for your iOS device. In order to use iMazing to its full extent, you should backup your iPhone using the app. This will allow you to use the app and it will also offer protection should you make a mistake while using the app – you can always restore from the backup!

1. When you initially back up your iPhone using iMazing 2, you have a variety of settings to look over. You can change the Backup Location, change the way iMazing archives backups, change the Device Settings, the Wi-Fi Connection, and more.

img  backup options - Take Control Of iOS With iMazing 2

2. When you are ready to backup, click the Back Up button. Wait for iPhone to back up using iMazing.

img  backup imazing - Take Control Of iOS With iMazing 2

Once your backup has been completed, you can find it under ‘iPhone Backups’

img  iphone backups - Take Control Of iOS With iMazing 2

From there, you can View, Restore, Edit, or Delete the backup.

img  back up options - Take Control Of iOS With iMazing 2

Updating or Reinstalling iOS

From iMazing 2, you can update and/or reinstall a version of iOS.

There are several options beside the apps section of iMazing – scroll down until you see Update or Reinstall.

If there is an update available for the iPhone, you can download the update and install it right from the app.

If you are having trouble with your iPhone, reinstalling iOS can be helpful. Just click Reinstall iOS, and follow the steps to do this.

Installing or reinstalling a new iOS requires the full version of the app.

Using Quick Transfer

iMazing offers a Quick Transfer feature, which is a cool addition to the app. Using Quick Transfer, you can drag and drop files directly onto your iOS device.

img  drag and drop 1024x617 - Take Control Of iOS With iMazing 2

Just pick a file and drop it into the iMazing app.

Select where you would like the file to end up – we used an MP3, so it will end up in the Music app – and tap on Transfer.

img  location drag drop - Take Control Of iOS With iMazing 2

Managing Apps With iMazing

One of my favourite iMazing 2 features is the app management capabilities. If you are trying to get rid of apps that are taking up too much space, the app lays out your apps in a very easy to understand way.

The app also allows you to get into the system files of apps, which is very handy.

Here is how to view apps in the order of how much space they take up.

1. Click on Manage Apps in the iMazing 2 app.

img  manage apps - Take Control Of iOS With iMazing 2

2. Here you will see all of your apps. You can click on the Size button to organize them by the amount of space they take up. When ‘Device’ is selected, it shows only apps currently installed on your device. When ‘Library’ is selected it shows you all the apps you own or have downloaded, including apps that are no longer installed on your iPhone.

img  all apps - Take Control Of iOS With iMazing 2

3. From here, you can use iMazing to check for app updates or uninstall apps from your iPhone.
You can also use iMazing to access the data and insides of various apps – Apple apps and third-party apps alike.

To start, you can access all of the Apple apps through the sidebar.
For example, you can see all of your Voice Memos in one place through the iMazing app. Just tap the Voice Memos section. You can export all of the Voice Memos using the Export function.

img  voice memos - Take Control Of iOS With iMazing 2

Tapping on ‘Apps’ will bring you to a page with all of your apps.

img  apps 1024x614 - Take Control Of iOS With iMazing 2

Double clicking any of these apps will take you to their contents. If the app is enabled for sharing, you will be able to access the data contained in the Documents folder.

img  inside the app - Take Control Of iOS With iMazing 2

Managing Profiles

Some organizations or apps require a set or settings called ‘profiles’. You can manage these settings from iMazing 2.
Just tap on Profiles. You will most likely not have any profiles currently installed. If you need to install a profile, you can tap on the Install button.

img  install profile - Take Control Of iOS With iMazing 2

Installing a profile is easy. Just tap the profile from the dropdown menu and you are away.

Exploring iOS File System

iMazing 2 makes it possible to explore the File System on your iPhone. This is where you need to be wary, as you can accidentally delete important files.

Apple makes it hard to delete important files and iMazing 2 also takes care to avoid potentially damaging edits. Nonetheless, you should back up your iPhone before you go digging in the iPhone’s system files.

1. Tap on File System to see the files stored on your iPhone.

img  file system - Take Control Of iOS With iMazing 2

2. Tapping on Media will bring you to a set of folders like this.
img  media folders  - Take Control Of iOS With iMazing 2

3. The contents of these folders will be different depending on how you use the app. Feel free to explore, just don’t delete anything unless you are sure you don’t need it.

iMazing 2 Summarized

iMazing 2 makes it easy to do certain things that Apple makes it hard to do. Accessing system files, adding Settings profiles, and more.

Poke around the Trial version of the app to see if it can help you become an advanced iPhone user!

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