TaoTronics Metal LED Desk Lamp with USB Charger

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  Before I get into this week’s (killer!!) Friday Deal, I’m just going to remind you again about the Ebates program that we’ve been banging on about for a few weeks – it’s something you should definitely sign up to if you ever buy anything online – you will definitely save money on almost all your online purchase. No catch.   This week’s deal was something I spotted last week when I was doing my research and I loved the look of it (and the deal was great) so I bought one to have it before I gave this recommendation today.   We do buy and use ourselves pretty much everything that we recommend in these deals. And, if we see something that looks great that one of doesn’t have, we try to buy and test it before giving it ‘the nod’.   Anyway, there’s a photo of this desk lamp lurking behind my writing laptop next to a vast pile of unfiled paperwork…..   lamp - TaoTronics Metal LED Desk Lamp with USB Charger   This thing is brilliant!   And it’s made by the other tech company I mentioned last week – TaoTronics. Not yet a household name but, like our favorite newish tech brand Anker, they have quickly built a reputation for making high quality reliable products at great prices and they are serious about great customer service.   It’s a touch controlled LED lamp that also has a built in USB high speed charger so that you can charge your phone from it. Very useful on the desk, of course.   It has both a strong white light and a softer yellow light. I use that to light my face when I do Skype calls as I often end up sitting in dark shadow where I sit in the office as I have a sunny window behind me.   The softer yellow lighting is great from that at a midway setting. It doesn’t glare into my eyes but solves that shadow problem. The softer yellow light would also be great for reading in bed.   There’s a button where you can set your default brightness and color setting so that when you switch it on you can just tap to get back to that and there’s also a little nifty mini light that you can switch on instead of the main LED bulb. They call it a nightlight, but it’s still strong enough to read by or just to cast a little light in the dark.   The construction is all machined aluminium and there are three rotating angle joints that are stiff so hold their position but remain easy to move.   I’m so chuffed with this desk lamp, I might get another for beside my bed as it’s so versatile.   It’s maybe a little more than you’d expect to pay for a desk or bedside lamp, but when you feel the quality of the construction and consider how usable it is it’s a great deal at this current discount.  
List Price: $59.99
With Deal: $49.99
You Save: $10.00 (17%)
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Click for more info on the TaoTronics Metal LED Desk Lamp


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March 30, 2017