Test Your iPhone Battery – Here’s How

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When we were finishing up our best selling ‘Double your iPhone Battery Life’ guide, we sent out a survey to outr readers to find out what their issues were with their iPhone battery – and the answers were very revealing and very, very helpful for us

Those answers helped us ensure that the guide truly does cover every issue that can cause your iPhone battery to be a persistent thorn in your side!

Making sure that we dealt with each one meant that we were 100% confident that the guide will transform your iPhone battery life so that you never run out of power again.

We published some of the questions and answers from that survey before the guide was finished up and released (Update – it’s available here now). Although we’d had over 2,400 replies to that survey, we were really impressed that pretty much everything raised in our reader’s answers was already dealt with in the draft of the guide. Seems like we (and the Apple expert we’ve worked with on the guide) really do know this problem inside out!

That said, we took those questions on board when putting the finishing touches to it to make sure that it does deal with absolutely all your issues.

Test Your Battery

Lots of similar problems cropped up in many people’s answers but one thing that we kept seeing was a frustration that people couldn’t tell if there is a way to see if your battery has a fault without going to the Apple Store for help.

Well, there is a way that you can check if your iPhone is running down its battery due to a fault and we’ve put that in the guide as one of the earliest steps you can take when fixing all your battery problems.

But, to help you out, we’ve also put that section in a pdf that you can download here (you don’t need to subscribe, just click the button below and you can open the pdf straightaway)

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What you’re looking to do is see if this test shows your battery draining when your iPhone isn’t doing anything at all. If it is, then you have something that you can then look at fixing by going through all the possible causes.

It might be a faulty or worn out battery (much over 2 years use is getting to a point where it might need replacing – we’ll look at that on Monday) but it might be any one of a number of other things causing that battery drain.

Grab the pdf and go through the test to see if your iPhone has an obvious issue causing your battery problems.

This extract from the guide is just 1 of 31 separate tips that are the root causes of all battery issues. The battery test is a great place to start with your battery life fixes but for some people it won’t reveal the issues and you’ll have to dig deeper. And, if it does show up a problem, then the other tips will help you root it out.

Grab the pdf below and we’ll follow up with answers to your questions from the survey.

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The Double Your iPhone Battery Life Guide is available now…..
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