The Apple Watch: The Full Run Down

Styles and Bands

There are 3 main models of the Apple Watch with 3 corresponding cases: the stainless steel Watch; the aluminium sport; or the 18k Gold Watch Edition. But here’s where the accessorising gets exciting. There are 38 different strap options.

1. Apple Watch

The standard Apple Watch is a shiny stainless steel case in either stainless steel or space black.

The Retina display is protected by Sapphire glass, one of the hardest materials known to man. It’s not as hard as diamond, but it’s still pretty impressive.

For the sports band Apple Watch, prices start from $549 (£479).

Click here to shop for an Apple Watch standard model.

2. Apple Watch Sport

The Apple Watch Sport is the lightest option of the 3 case models, choosing Ion-X or aluminosilicate glass instead of the heavier and more expensive Sapphire glass.

What it lacks in shine it makes up for in weight being 30% lighter than the other models.

It’s also the least expensive option, with the 38mm watch at $349 (£299) and the 42mm at $399 (£329).

Click here to check out a selection of Apple Watch Sport models.

Check out all Apple Watch deals here.

3. Watch Edition

This is by far the most exuberant Apple product on the market – truly for VIPs, its 18karat gold case comes in yellow gold and rose gold colours. It is apparently locked within a safe within all Apple stores.

It has been specially crafted to be twice as hard as normal gold, so it’s both pretty and durable.

They come with colour matching bands that can’t be ordered online.

If you’re feeling worthy of a real treat, click here to see an extremely rare limited edition of the 18 karat yellow gold edition for a mere £16,999.

Case Sizes

There are two sizes to make the Apple Watch fit better on smaller or larger wrists: one is 38mm and the other is 42mm.


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June 23, 2015