The Apple Watch: The Full Run Down


Apple has chosen to make the Apple Watch very personal using a slide out locking mechanism to make changing bands easy yet secure. There are 6 band types to choose from in 18 colours.

1. The Sport Band

The sports band is actually available on all Apple Watch designs, and fastens securely on your wrist using a pin and tuck closure.

It is made of fluoroelastomer, a delightfully smooth, resilient and light material for use during a range of sports.

It is available in white, black, blue, green or pink.

2. The Milanese Loop

This sexy mesh stainless steel strap loops from clasp to case.

It’s a really classy looking band, and one of our favourites.

apple watch bands - The Apple Watch: The Full Run Down

3. The Link Bracelet

One of two of the Apple Watch stainless steel bands, the link bracelet has a really easy release button meaning you no longer need a trip to the jewelers to get your watch to fit.

It has a custom butterfly closure.

It’s available in space black or stainless steel.

4. The Leather Loop

This is very similar to the Milanese loop but in leather, with magnets tucked within the quilted leather, making it fit seamlessly to your wrist.

This is the only band which is made exclusively for the 42mm size.

It is available in black, stone, light brown and bright blue.

5. The Classic Buckle

This is a no frills, classic and classy leather wristband. There are no magnets with this strap, and also not that many colours to choose from.

Available in black for the standard Watch or black and midnight blue for the Watch Edition.

6. The Modern Buckle

This one may look like a classic buckle, but it’s not. It’s a 2 piece magnetic clasp.

This is the only band which is made exclusively for the 38mm size.

Available in black, midnight blue, soft pink and brown for the standard Watch, and red, rose gray or bright black for the premium Watch Edition.

Initial Response

Early reviews and responses to this futuristic technology have been, as is always the case with groundbreaking technology, fairly negative.

Teething problems included complaints of slow loading, a heavy reliance on bluetooth, its heaviness, and the small size of the screen. But as new technology evolves, it always takes us a while to embrace it.

There has also been reports of iPhone battery drain when in use.

The Verge Review:

We thought OK, It’s not that expensive, so we bought Penny an Apple Watch as long as she kept a diary on how it ‘changed her life’… We didn’t say she could keep it!

So this is the story of her first month with an Apple  Watch.


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June 23, 2015