The Apple Watch: The Full Run Down



So What Apps Do I Choose?

There is already a wealth of apps available for the Apple Watch, so we’ve selected 20 here to get you started with what we believe are truly useful wearable applications. First up let’s take a look at…


Trip Advisor

Trip advisor - The Apple Watch: The Full Run Down

Trip Advisor has always been a go to app for me, and now it’s available right there on my wrist. Always up to date with info on where’s the  best nearby places to either eat, play and stay. There are pages on each item for imagery, maps, addresses and reviews, and you can also save your finds to read later, and the best thing of course is that it’s free!

Price: Free

Download TripAdvisor


City Mapper

city mapper - The Apple Watch: The Full Run Down

You will need to be in one of the supported cities such as Paris, New York and London to use this free app  Citymapper to use. It concentrates on public transport, and gives the user accurate instructions on getting from here to there. Useful information about the times for upcoming busses, trains or trams,  also outlines of the stops you can expect on your journey.

Price: Free

Download Citymapper


Find Near Me

find near me - The Apple Watch: The Full Run Down

Again another great app that helps you quickly finding nearby businesses by category, just by tapping a button: ATM; bank; bar; coffee shop; laundry. You caneven use your own search terms via Siri (currently a rare thing on Apple Watch but looks more promising with OS2). Once a location is selected it provides you with additional details such as the address, a map and reviews.

Price: Free

Download Find Near Me



yelp - The Apple Watch: The Full Run Down

When you use Yelp on your iPhone, it gives you access to over 70 million reviews of businesses worldwide. But on Apple Watch, it focuses on filling your belly, making it more useful for travelling by giving you listings for nearby bars, restaurants and coffee shops. You can drill down into results lists for more info such as individual locations, perusing distances, maps, reviews and pricing indicators.

Price: Free

Download Yelp


Sports News

This kind of information is a very handy thing to have on your wrist, giving it a quick glance to catch up on the latest scores of your sports team.


onefootball - The Apple Watch: The Full Run Down

For soccer fans this is the app that will keep you up to date with the scores. Once you have set up the teams you follow on your iPhone,  your Apple Watch can then be used to follow what’s happening on the day’s matches. If a goal is scored in one of the games you’re following, then you’ll hear a ding on your wrist or a discrete vibration.

Price: Free

Download Onefootball



thescore - The Apple Watch: The Full Run Down

Another great free app, theScore is your home for the NFL, NCAA Football, MLB, NBA, NHL, EPL, La Liga, Copa America, 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup and all major sports! Looks like they got it covered.
This one keeps you informed with a whole host of alerts regarding the game or sport you are following!

Price: Free

Download theScore


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June 23, 2015