The Apple Watch: The Full Run Down


Here are a few of the best apps we’ve found to keep you entertained. You can have fun with your Watch too.


shazam - The Apple Watch: The Full Run Down

This app on mobile has become very important to the music industry. It’s a big contributor to the UK national charts, as it’s on nearly every music lovers phone, it has now moved onto the more convenient location of the wrist. Waggle your phone about while a song plays in the background, and the app will reveal what it is. Then just wave your arm around to reveal a song’s title, and also lyrics, in case you feel the desire to sing along with one of your fave tunes!

Price: Free

Download Shazam


Sky Guide

skyguide - The Apple Watch: The Full Run Down

Sky Guide is the most comprehensive star chart app on the app store. On the Apple Watch, this companion app informs you with a calendar of upcoming events, and optional notifications about what’s going to occur in your part of the heavens, which is great so you can catch the International Space Station zooming above you.

Price: £1.99/$2.99

Download Sky Guide


TuneIn Radio Pro

tuneinradio - The Apple Watch: The Full Run Down

This app provides you with over 100,000 radio stations from around the world. Apple Watch basically becomes a remote to the app in your iPhone. You can change the current station, access recent and related stations, follow shows, and pause/play/skip. the cool thing is that the free version works with the Apple Watch also.

Price: Free  or £7.99/$9.99

Download TuneIn Radio Pro



rules - The Apple Watch: The Full Run Down

If a daily mind-game challenge is your thing, then Rules is for you. It’s all about memorising rules and tapping relevant cards. Seems like that’s to easy but you’ll be mistaken as when you get several rounds into the game, you’ll be juggling a bunch of rules in your head which must be dealt with in reverse order, and all can be lost with just a single tap, very infectious.

Price: £2.29/$2.99

Download Rules



instapaper - The Apple Watch: The Full Run Down

The iPhone classic app Instapaper comes to the Apple Watch,but with a few strange quirks.  The app enables you to manage your article archive, but the weird thing is that it also converts it to speech! I’ve heard it sounds like a robot reading the news to you — but it is free so why not give it go.

Price: Free

Download Instapaper


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June 23, 2015