The Apple Watch: The Full Run Down




It’s unbelievable that there was no calculator included as a native app on the Apple Watch. Never fear, there’s always developers ready to fill the spaces Apple haven’t delivered on, So we have the PCalc. It looks great and does everything you expect a calculator to do, and great for helping to split the restaurant bill. The free PCalc Lite also includes the Apple Watch app.

Price: Free – £7.99/$9.99

Download PCalc




Deliveries is a useful app on any platform, tracking your parcels that are in transit, and ensuring you’re not out when that all important package is being delivered. Apple Watch also delivers all you need with the same list, location maps of where your things currently are, as in the full app, and handy push notifications when a delivery is about to arrive.

Price: £3.99/$4.99

Download Deliveries




Twitter! On my Apple Watch! Yes please!!  Twitterrific is onr of the better Twitter clients on the market and the Apple Watch version doesn’t dissapoint either It is a well designed interface that omits a full feed, displaying a preference for interactions and your day’s stats. You can reply to tweets using Siri.

Price: Free – £1.49/$1.99 In App Purchase

Download Twitterrific




Dart is an email app helps you cut the bullshit and get to the point! You can ask a concise question with no more than 200 characters, and can send a multiple-choice answer, ready to be clicked. This is absolutely perfect for Apple Watch users,  enabling Dart users to reply with a single tap.

Price: 79p/$0.99,

Download Dart


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June 23, 2015

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