The Apple Watch: The Full Run Down

Weather Apps

Well you don’t want to get wet now do you?

Weather Nerd

weathher nerd - The Apple Watch: The Full Run Down

Even though the Apple Watch comes with the iOS weather app, Weather Nerd seems the superior option to use on the Apple Watch. There are three main screens to use Today, Hour and Week. On the Today screen it displays temperature and rainfall, including a plain-English forecast of the day’s weather. Hour let’s you know what’s about to or could be happening right where you are, and Week informs you of the next 6 days. The more detailed stuff you need to use the iPhone to access.

Price: £2.99/$3.99

Download Weather Nerd


Yahoo Weather

yahoo weather - The Apple Watch: The Full Run Down

A more simple affair, Yahoo Weather is cool with all it’s stylish icons and text with hints of glowing neon, plus support for multiple locations. When you scroll you get beautiful animated daylight graphics, and tapping displays the current conditions with plenty of graphics showing temperature, rain and wind.

Price: Free

Download Yahoo Weather



Being creative with a smartphone sounds a little way off to be honest,  but there are some tasks that are possible.


procamera - The Apple Watch: The Full Run Down

This is one I use already and it rocks! It gives you a bit extra over Apple’s own camera remote. Great to finally have a remote trigger, but even more so that you get an external viewfinder! Along with photo preview and timer, I sure you will be find this as essential as I have.

Price: £3.99/$4.99

Download ProCamera


Drafts 4

drafts4 - The Apple Watch: The Full Run Down

Drafts 4 on the iPhone is a cool and speedy note taking app with easy sharing capabilities. The great thing about it on your watch is that you can now dictate those notes and messages utilising Siri and send them to your inbox.

Price: £7.99/$9.99

Download Drafts 4


Day One

day one - The Apple Watch: The Full Run Down

This is a useful diary app which on the Apple Watch, is surprisingly easy to use! Again, you note your days events using Siri along with location check-in photo attachments to your entries.

Price: £3.99/$4.99

Download Day One



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June 23, 2015