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The Friday Deal

Whilst running iCloud Login and iExpert News we’ve realised that we spend a lot of time every week looking at and checking out Apple and other ‘tech’ products and discovering some pretty special discount price offers!

Doing this, we’ve learnt a lot about how to find the HUGE discounts on Amazon and various other sites.

So, after checking with our readers and getting the ‘OK’, we’ve decided to pass this ‘research’ over to you with this additional column to our site, ‘The Friday Deal‘.

Each week we’ll add a product or group of products to this page of items that we find hard to resist and hope you will too!

Here at iCloud Login we love our gadgets and toys, the things that make our digital life easier, things that also integrate with the items that we use everyday, so we’ll find the most relevant items for you – our readers – to consider. Awesome stuff and massive discount prices that we hope you’ll love as much as we do.

Let us know if you like or buy anything that we post in ‘The Friday Deal‘ by adding a comment to the various product posts. We are always interested in your feedback.


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