Introducing the iPhone 6 – The Best Phone Ever Made

They’re calling it “the best phone ever made” and we can see why!

The Apple special event today has had all of us on the edge of our seats with sheer anticipation. And it has not let us down. What an exciting trip! We’ll update you on all the new, exciting developments, but let’s start with the new, greatly improved iPhone 6!

The iPhone 6

• Over 1 million pixels
• Retina display
• Messages app with two horizontal columns
• Mail with two columns
• Adding to the side swipe gesture, we now have ‘one hand mode’

iPhone Graphics 84 times faster1 - Introducing the iPhone 6 - The Best Phone Ever Made

Why These Are the Best Phones Ever Made

  • Utilising A8 Chip Technology
  • The Apple A8 chip has 2 billion transistors
  • 20 nanometer process
  • 13% smaller chip
  • Delivers 25% CPU performance
  • 50 times faster than the original iPhone
  • Faster battery
  • 50 hours of music playback
  • Health tracking is better – the new barometer sensor monitors elevation (flights of stairs), can track how far you run and how much elevation you encounter.
  • New advanced wireless capabilities
  • 150 MB/second
  • WIFI is 3 x faster
  • You can make calls over WiFi
  • The call can seamlessly transfer onto cellular network as you leave your home.
  • Camera is greatly improved – 5 element lens, image processor in the A8 chip, dedicated hardware for advanced face detection
  • Image stabilization
  • Apple Pay – contactless payments and Touch ID
  • The Secure Element, which encrypts and stores all your payment details
  • You can see all your payment details on Passbook

The iPhone 6 - Introducing the iPhone 6 - The Best Phone Ever Made


Now this is mind-blowing too – they start at only $199 with a two-year contract!

September 9, 2014