The New Fourth Generation iPad

Yesterday, Apple unleashed a range of new products, and yes we all expected it to be about the iPad Mini, but Apple threw  something else into the mix when they also announced a new fourth generation full sized iPad. Overall it’s pretty much the same, but some key things have changed. Here’s what you need to know.

The biggest improvement is the new A6X chip, which runs twice as fast on both CPU and GPU functions. We have come to expect that from Apple these days, where they introduce performance improvements like this in every generation,  which must be upsetting to anyone , including myself who bought a new ipad   within the past 6 months. The new iPad also has the new Lightning connector, which is found on the new iphone 5, replacing the old 30-pin connector, so we can now expect a wealth of new accessories in time for xmas. Apart from this the device has remained the same including it’s pricing.


October 24, 2012