The New iPhone 5c

You might have seen some leaked photo’s in the past 24 hours, of cases of new iPhone 5c (refuted to be the name of Apple’s new “low cost” iPhone). It is unknown if those boxes showed the real cases or not, but sources close to the company have confirmed the name is real.

What does the ‘C’ Stand For?

The C stands for Colour. We expect to see a number of different coloured models available.

How Much will it Cost?

Reports suggest the cost of the iPhone 5c is likely to be in the region of $300-$350, which is hardly low cost.

A low-cost iPhone makes sense for Apple as it looks for new ways to grow its mobile hardware business, says Forrester analyst Charles Golvin.

“Producing a lower-cost model will enable more people in the world to afford an iPhone,” according to Forrester analyst Charles Golvin. “Even in developed markets like the U.S., with operators reducing subsidies, many consumers are experiencing sticker shock as they comprehend the true cost of a smartphone.”

Golvin’s comments are in line with what Apple achieved with the iPod by making it so widely available, it was eventually possible for almost anyone to afford one.

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July 29, 2013