The Truth About MacKeeper

If you’ve downloaded our e-book, you’ll know we’re big fans of MacKeeper (it did win over 100 5 star awards). Despite some surprising negative press on the software, we have had no issues with it at all. We know there are a whole host of over zealous affiliates, and that the pushy marketing style can get people’s backs up, but we thought we should take a deeper look into the frenzied reports that MacKeeper is a virus.

This review in compares MacKeeper features with all of the essential Mac maintenance apps.

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We have found several step by step guides explaining all things MacKeeper by people who use it (and can prove it), including an article in in which the reviewer concludes:

“Mackeeper offers so many different features for a very low price. Although I find that two or three features are somewhat less useful but other smart utilities make up for everything. Just the antivirus module is enough to justify price of Mackeeper and everything else is a bonus. I was pleasantly shocked to learn that Mackeeper is backed by 365 days money back guarantee. I don’t have anything left to say!”

We found an article in Cult Of Mac particularly useful in which Leander Kahney reports the following:

“Some of the wilder accusations — that Zeobit is a hacker outfit that makes an insidious virus — are way off. The company was one of the sponsors of Macworld, which is as mainstream as a trade show gets. Apple sells a lite version of MacKeeper called 911 Bundle through the official Mac App Store, which is carefully vetted for malware.

As far as I can tell, MacKeeper is a legit piece of software run by a company whose sales and marketing tactics rub many in the Mac community the wrong way. It may not be for everyone, but MacKeeper is not a virus or a scam”.

If you’re interested in trying out MacKeeper, click here.

January 6, 2014