Top 10 Must Have Apps for Kids

We have covered some of the best free games apps in the past, so if you want to check those out, click here. But this post is specifically for the kids. I’ve done my research with a bunch of friend’s kids, and they swear by these games. The enthusiasm they had when recommending these games was unmatched. So here they are in order of the most popular.

1. Minecraft

Minecraft - Top 10 Must Have Apps for Kids

This app costs £4.99 in the UK App store, and the game is reknowned for its ability to teach important educational lessons such as reading, education, creativity, teamwork and initiative. Kids absolutely love it – I’d go so far as to say some of them become completely obsessed. But they get to be seriously creative and build their own worlds, so who can blame them?!

Age Range: 7+

2. Terraria

Terraria - Top 10 Must Have Apps for Kids

Similar to Minecraft in perspective, immersive storytelling and discovery, this app enables almost limitless exploring, and is another extremely popular app with the creative kids. It is well loved and costs only £3.99 in the UK App store.

Age Range: 7+

3. Snapchat

Snapchat - Top 10 Must Have Apps for Kids

According to Will (in the iCloud Login office) every kid he knows uses Snapchat for creative messaging. Both his kids are fervent users, and constantly giggling at the picture messages they send and receive from their friends. But, in this age group, it seems that kids are using it as their primary contact method – over other messaging apps like WhatsApp – and a huge amount of their interaction on it doesn’t involve pictures at all, just direct text messaging (without an SMS cost)! This app is completely free, and much loved by the kids of all ages.

Age Range: 10 – mid 30s

4. Instagram

Instagram1 - Top 10 Must Have Apps for Kids

Like Snapchat, Instagram is really popular with the kids for creating a storyboard of what they’re doing, who they’re with and what they love. It’s great for creativity and encouraging artistic expression, and it’s another very popular free app. Again, the slightly older age group are heavily involved in using this as a messaging platform and in many schools and colleges the level of Instagram use amongst kids is near 100%. It seems they absolutely need to know what their friends are doing at all times!

Age Range: 10-70

5. Laugh and Learn

Laughandlearn - Top 10 Must Have Apps for Kids

This Fisher-Price app is specifically for babies, and they seem to love it! It’s completely free, and hilarious to hear them giggling while they learn about different shapes and colours through vivid animations.

Age Range: Babies

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May 12, 2015