Top 10 Must Have Apps for Kids

6. Mmm Fingers

MmmFingers - Top 10 Must Have Apps for Kids

This free app is brilliant fun for all ages. The basic idea is that you have to try to keep your fingers on the screen as long as possible without getting them bitten off (not literally). The simplicity of this game is part of what makes it so addictive. You can spend hours at this game without becoming bored. It’s for that “one more time” factor that keeps kids (and adults) hooked.

Age Range: 5+

7. Daddy Long Legs

DaddyLongLegs - Top 10 Must Have Apps for Kids


This free app is so much fun. The basic idea is that you have to make your hairy long-legged creature walk. The longer you can walk for the higher the score…but it’s not easy walking with such stupidly long legs. This app has a great feel good factor, it makes you giggle, and for this reason alone I love it a lot! As do the kids, which is why I’ve included it.

Age Range: 6+

8. Jelly Jump

JellyJump - Top 10 Must Have Apps for Kids

There are a ridiculous amount of fun free apps out there, but Jelly Jump is one favourite of the kids I asked. Your mission is to save the jellies from drowning. You have to work really hard to achieve this! The more jelly blobs you collect, the larger the newly crafted jellies you can make!

Age Range: 4+

9. 100 Balls

100Balls - Top 10 Must Have Apps for Kids

As with most of these fantastically addictive kids games (which really are addictive for all age ranges), the simplest ideas tend to get you the most hooked. 100 Balls is another free app and the aim of the game is to fill your moving cup with as many falling balls as possible – it’s a little like Tetris in this respect, for those of you who remember it.

As you progress through different levels, the game speeds up, so it’s really great for sharpening your mind and reaction skills.

Age Range: 7+

10. Fifa 15 Ultimate Team

FIFA15 - Top 10 Must Have Apps for Kids

Now personally I’m not into football (soccer for our American cousins) all that much, so this game didn’t interest me too much, but for (not meaning to be stereotypical) all of the boys I talked to about this game, they thought it was one of the best games ever. And I am writing this blog post specifically for kids, so my opinion in this sense is of little consequence.

It’s another free app, so no harm in giving it a go to see what you think. Players can build their dream team and put them to the test in various leagues.

Age Range: 10+

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May 12, 2015