Top 15 Apps To Save You Money And Help You When Traveling Abroad.

Traveling can and nearly always will unveil hidden costs to your holiday or adventure.

So here at iCloud Login we asked our team what are the best apps that you should use while on holiday that can actually help you and save you money?

They came up with 15 very useful tools that you can use on your smartphone, so in no particular order let’s begin.

1. Navmii

navmii app

You have a smartphone, so why buy a sat-nav for the car? Navmii does everything that a standalone sat-nav does and provides you with voice-guided navigation all over the world. The app is free but you need to download the version relative to your country or destination. If you connect to the internet as you would in your home country, it will optimise your route to avoid traffic, but it will also works offline, using GPS, meaning you won’t have to pay roaming charges when you are abroad. There are also a great series of in app purchases which includes voices, so you could also be given directions from either Snoop Dog or Stephen Fry! This is a GREAT App!

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2. Wi-fi Map

wifi map app

I have this installed and have find it very useful. This App enables you to find public places nearby offering free wi-fi and even shows you the passwords. It also contains user reviews on the quality of the wi-fi and the local amenities. As a user you can even add locations and passwords yourself. If you upgrade to the pro version (£3.99 UK) it will work with offline maps with GPS again reducing your data roaming charge.

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3. Viator

viator app

A very useful App from the people who brought you Tripadvisor. Viator allows the user to search for discounts on local tours and attractions in a wide range of locations. The App also contains listings of official prices and tour schedules, giving a detailed information on each attraction, along with user reviews. If you do more than lie by the pool when on vacation, this is a must-have App.

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4. XE Currency

xe app

This is my go to currency converter. XE Currency converts any country’s currency utilising live mid-market currency rates, which helps you to see if you’re getting the best deal when you exchange money at the airport. It also has a handy calculator in the App, which is useful to convert any price in any currency into pounds sterling or US dollars and vice versa while on the go.

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5. Onavo Extend

onavo app

I didn’t know an app like this existed until today. I do travel a lot and nearly always have to get online from my smartphone due to my work, and so end up incurring excessive data roaming charges. This App will save me money. Once installed this App will run continuously in the background, and the amount of data you download on to your phone from cellular networks is reduced by compressing images and text while you are browsing. You will consume less data and therefore save money on your data charges. Brilliant!

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August 17, 2015

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