Top 5 iOS Car Apps

If you are a driver, like me, you probably waste many fruitful hours of your otherwise awesome life looking for parking spots, trying to find your destination, hoping to find cheaper gas stations and shelling out cash for speeding fines. Well that’s not good enough when there are so many better things we could be doing. So I thought I’d review some of the best iOS Parking Apps to save us all time and money:

1. VoicePark

VoicePark is a really great app if you live in San Francisco, using real time information which is refreshed every 8 seconds! Guiding you by voice, it tells you where to turn to find the nearest available parking spot. It’s currently only available in San Francisco, but is planning to roll out across 50 cities in the next year.

2. Parker (for iPhone)

As with VoicePark (but available in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Boston, Indeanapolis and more), Parker will help you find an open parking space across these various cities and has the additional feature of showing nearby Gas prices.

3. GasBuddy

GasBuddy is all about helping you save the pennies and find the cheapest gas stations around you. It also shows when stations near you will be putting their prices up so you can fill up before they do. If you do a lot of driving, this app is well worth a look.

4. TomTom US & Canada

This somewhat costly app has been specifically designed to be used on iPhone and iPad, but saves you paying full whack for a separate SatNav/GPS device, without losing quality. It relies on the GPS built in to your iPhone or iPad to calculate routes, estimated arrival time and the speed you are travelling. In most cars you can use Bluetooth to play the voice instructions from your car radio.

5. Trapster

Trapster is an awesome free app showing you where there may be speed traps and other road hazards alongside realtime traffic updates. It’s a must-have app if you do a lot of driving. It can give you voice alerts ahead of any speed traps which allow you to slow down before reaching them using really awesome radar technology.



July 25, 2014