Top 6 iPhone 6 Accessories

With the launch of a whole new range of incredible apps for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, we felt it was only right to give you our top 10 iPhone 6 Accessories to keep you ahead of the curve with your technology gadgets! And just in time for Christmas if you need some cool gadget gifts and stocking fillers.

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1. The iMagnet

iMagnet - Top 6 iPhone 6 Accessories

The beauty of this product is its adaptability to a range of products. It will fit any phone from a Blackberry to an iPhone 6 Plus. It’s versatility enables you to easily grip your phone or iPad while driving even in the most difficult terrain. Which makes GPS navigation and multitasking whilst driving so much easier to deal with.

2. The BuQu Tech PowerArmour Case

Not only does it work as a robust phone case, but it can double your battery life with 2500m Ah battery.

buqu tech - Top 6 iPhone 6 Accessories

This product isn’t available yet, but we’d recommend getting yourself on their waiting list by clicking on this link and entering your email address:

3. The Case Mate Brilliance

Case Mate Brilliance - Top 6 iPhone 6 Accessories

If you love sparkles, then this is the iPhone 6 Case for you! There’s not much more I can say about it. It’s gold. It’s sparkly. It’s bling. And it’s very cute!

4. Versus Card Slot iPhone 6 Case

Versus card slot wallet case - Top 6 iPhone 6 Accessories

Putting your cards in the back of your phone case is a brilliant idea. I’ve been doing it in a less secure way for years – saves the need for a handbag! It can securely carry up to 2 IDs and credit cards. Comes in 5 colors including Champagne Gold. Lovely!

5. Mr. Coffee iPhone 10 Cup Smart Optimal Brew Coffee Maker

This incredibly futuristic device enables you to sort your brew from your phone, and you only have to pick it up when it’s ready, from the coffee machine. It simply is brilliant.

If you’re running late, stuck on a phonecall, or just in another room, it allows you to get the brew on. A very cool option.

6. SmartThings Smart Home Starter Kit

SmartHome Starter Kit - Top 6 iPhone 6 Accessories

If you think the Mr Coffee WeMo machine is awesome (I certainly do), then this is going to blow your mind – and will change everything in your home to being super cool and super controlled! This is my favourite of my top accessories. It’s a little pricey at $199 but it is incredibly awesome! And a great Christmas gift idea.

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November 12, 2014