Top Five Brilliant Things about iOS7

After excitedly updating our operating systems at iCloud Login, we’ve been trying out the new system, and wanted to share our favourite things about the new system.

Before updating to iOS7, we’d recommend you do a manual back up (Settings > iCloud > Backup & Storage) and click “Back Up Now.” It is also worth tidying up your iTunes account. If you’re unsure on how to do this, the easiest way is to run Tune Up..

1. It Feels Like a Brand New iPhone

This operating system is so damn wonderful, we love the new look and feel, and all the subtle animations. Even the new font is fresh. It’s like having a brand new iPhone!

2. Gestures & Organisation

Spotlight has now moved, so you swipe down on the home screen to find it. There’s a lot more intuitive swiping to using iOS 7, but it’s all very easy to get used to. The organisational aspects of iOS 7 are far superior to iOS 6. You can fit as many apps into any folder as you like, and just slide around inside the folder to access them.

3. The Camera

You can now choose and check the filters you want to use before you use the camera. It’s pretty great to have the option of this before taking pictures. There’s a new structure to where pictures and videos are kept which makes it much easier to organise your pics and videos, and it looks better too.

4. New Sounds and Ringtones

There’s a whole new bank of sounds you can use as your ringtones, alert tones and message tones. Love it. What we’d love to see in the next operating system is an easier way to assign your ringtone to songs saved in iTunes.

5. Wallpaper

There are some nice new wallpaper backgrounds in there, leaving you able to fully pimp your iPhone to suit your style.

September 20, 2013