Tune Up Update

You might be coming to this article from the link in our ebook. In which case, we’ve got to give you a little update on the company.

What Happened?

Tune Up, one of our favourite programmes, closed at the end of January 2014. They did so extremely quietly and this is extremely disappointing news for us, as we were huge fans of the programme. It was founded in 2007 by a man called Gabriel Adiv, frustrated with the number of “Track 1” titled items in his media library with no name, artist information or cover art.

Version 2.4 was a fantastic product. Where Tune Up went catastrophically wrong, was with the launch of version 3.0 in August 2013, which received immediate and widespread complaints. Though subsequent updates were released, the problems were not resolved.

“One of the key developers wrote me to say he left after the 2.4 product due to a difference in opinion on the direction of the product, and 3.0 was the bright idea of the people who remained. When it tanked, they couldn’t fix it.TuneUp quickly went from a rock star, must-have app to a failure” Andy Patrizio, Network World

Where We Are Now

Tune Up is in the process of relaunching the software, and we’re really hoping they can come back with the best version yet. Although you can still go to the site and download the free trial – we’re assuming this is the much maligned version 3.0, and wouldn’t want to recommend that to anyone until we’ve done more research.

If you’re desperate to sort out your media library, we’d recommend you check out the following alternatives, otherwise we’ll update you on the product when we have something more concrete to go on.

Tune Up Alternatives

We don’t think any of these are better than Tune Up, but they will get something done in the interim:

Tune Sweeper – Cost £13.99

SongGenie2 – Cost: £18.99

CopyTrans TuneTastic – Cost – £FREE


March 10, 2014