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Two Step Verification for iCloud

July 4, 2014

As Apple begins implementing its new security features for iCloud services, we thought now would be a good time to give you the lowdown on how to set up two factor verification for iCloud.

The importance of this feature is that it will make identity theft so much more difficult, thereby leaving you feeling nice and secure.

How to Set Up 2 Factor Authentication

  1. Sign into iCloud on your Mac
  2. Select your username and click ‘Account Settings’
  3. Select your Apple ID (this will launch your Apple ID page in a new tab)
  4. Select ‘Manage your Apple ID’ (you will be prompted to sign in again)
  5. Once you’re in, select ‘Passwords and Security’ (you will be prompted to answer your security questions)
  6. Once in you’ll see a ‘Get Started’ button under ‘Two-step verification for Apple ID’
  7. Continue through the next few screens (after reading) and select ‘Get Started’ again
  8. Then you will begin a 4-step process to verify your two-step verification
  9. Add phone number (preferably your mobile as this is where your verification codes will be sent)
  10. A verification code will be sent to your mobile – check it on the phone, and enter this code on your Mac
  11. Hit ‘Verify’
  12. You can now choose if you want to add other devices to the list of verified devices (so Apple can send verification codes by push notifications as well as SMS.
  13. Follow the steps and print your recovery key (this is the failsafe code you can use to unlock your iCloud account if you don’t have access to the verification codes)
  14. Enable two-step verification

It’s really pretty simple, but if that seems a little confusing, the good people over at Macworld Video have put together a very easy to follow video. Check it out here:


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