Vantrue X1 Dash Cam – Up to 64% Off!

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Today we have a deal that is a huge discount of $128 – or 64% if you prefer.   That‘s a cracking deal for something that has a lot of 4 and 5 Star reviews on Amazon.   I’ve wanted one of these dash cams for a while now but was not going to spend $200 for one at the quality I was after.   But, at this price, I’m in!   Why would I (or you) want one of these dash cams?   Well, you set it up in your car – usually unobtrusive behind the rear view mirror – and it records everything that happens out front of your car – and in this case in full HD.   Now, the main reason for that is as additional protection in case there’s a crash so that you have video evidence (admissible in every state) of your innocence.   Very useful.   But, have you seen how often these clips turn up on TV and on YouTube? I’m not saying I’m getting one of these to make a few bucks from selling a clip, but it’s worth thinking about.   And, this Vantrue X1 is the pick of the crop in this price range.   Everything you need (apart from an SD card) comes in the box and it’s very easy to set up and use. Stick it to your windshield with the strong and stable suction cup and press to switch on and you’re set.   Vantrue recommends a 32GB SD card and, if you don’t have one lying around, you can pick these up for less than $10.   Features include loop recording, 170 degree field of view, high quality night vision with HDR, a parking mode and an emergency lock.   There’s no doubt that this is a great deal on a proven and well respected mini dash cam.   That’s why we picked it for today’s Friday Deal and because it’s cheaper than it’s ever been right now on Amazon, with 55% off.  
List Price: $199.99
With Deal: $71.99
You Save: $128.00 (64%)
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Click for more info on the Vantrue X1 Dash Cam


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If you didn’t read that and take advantage of the deal, then click the big orange button below and check that out as well. It’s genuinely fantastic, costs nothing and is, as we Brits say, a ‘no-brainer’!

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April 28, 2017