What are the Benefits of iCloud Drive?

Ok so everyone is going on about the dangers of iCloud Drive, and not to opt in for iCloud Drive until OS X Yosemite is out. And we’re included in that. The reports are right. It’s not going to work properly across all devices, laptops included, until OS X Yosemite is launched. On top of that there have been some teething errors, some pretty significant ones at that, as the ‘Reset All Settings’ feature intended for Troubleshooting is actively deleting data.

But just to sit on the fence for a second, despite the exquisite reputation of Apple, all technological advancements have initial bugs and errors in the early stages. They tweak these and iron them out as they go in order to give us better services.

The exciting news is that OS X Yosemite should be with us by the 21st October, so iCloud Drive should be all fixed up and ready to go by then.

The Benefits of iCloud Drive

In a similar way to Dropbox and Google Drive, iCloud drive will enable syncing across all devices (again, to be clear, only AFTER OS X Yosemite is released later this month). So here are some of the reasons we’re really excited about using iCloud Drive, once the iOS 8 bug is fixed and OS X Yosemite is released.

Cross Application Communication

The really exciting thing about iCloud Drive is that content is no longer restricted to stay within any individual app, so you can be using one device, and immediately pick up where you left off on another device. You’ll be able to take calls directed to your iPhone on your Mac or iPad.


iCloud Drive Healthkit - What are the Benefits of iCloud Drive?

Being super addicted to health and fitness tracking apps like MyFitnessPal and Runner’s Buddy, the health tracking capabilities of iCloud Drive are just awesome. Apple designed a Healthkit tool for developers which basically means that individual apps can share data across devices and platforms to build a more comprehensive picture of your overall health and activity (including sleep).

Check this out:


October 3, 2014