What Does Apple Have in Store Tomorrow?

As usual at this time of year, the team here at iCloud Login are completely geeking out about what Apple has in store for us at tomorrow’s media event.

The iPad

According to leaked photo’s, the 5th generation iPad design might be similar to the sleek iPhone 5s with gold and ‘space grey’ options and a TouchID fingerprint scanner.

It is rumoured to be around half an inch smaller than current models, and we expect to see it launched by Halloween.

The ‘Retina’ iPad Mini

Apparently the iPad mini will also have the hi-resolution ‘retina’ display (believed to double the pixel density of its predecessors), and a lighter design has been explored using a thin film instead of glass. But with sleeker and lighter design, come concerns about battery life. We’re not expecting to see this model released until just before Christmas, but here’s hoping.

New MacBook Pro Models

We are excitedly awaiting the Apple MacBook Pro updates, believed to be powered by Intel’s ‘Haswell Chip’ which will boost battery life considerably. We expect non-Retina MacBooks will also see some improvements in processors and performance.

OS X Mavericks

OS X Mavericks is the successor to Apple’s current generation of desktop operating systems, one we eagerly hope will be announced at tomorrow’s event. The Golden Master of OS X was delivered to developers (invite only) earlier this month, suggesting the software is now ready to go. Rumoured features include improved support for multiple displays and desktop apps.

We wait with baited breath to find out what’s in store tomorrow!

October 21, 2013