What’s New in iWork for iCloud Update

With the introduction of OS X 10.10 Yosemite this Fall, the iWork suite got a nice new overhaul. Now it’s time for some renovation on the online counterpart; iWork for iCloud.

About iWork

iWork is basically Apple’s version of Microsoft Office – we have Pages (Word), Numbers (Excel) and Keynote (PowerPoint). They enable you to open files from your computer or from iCloud and use them across a range of devices such as your iPhone, iPad, etc.

For more information on the range of options you have when using iWork, check out this video from Computer Clan:

What’s New in iWork?

Support for More Languages

Now the browser based iWork for iCloud features have been updated with over 50 new fonts to jazz up your experience, as well as support for 8 new languages including Spanish, French, Hebrew, Japanese and German.

New Fonts

Apple has introduced 50 new fonts, including Ultra and Underdog. The new fonts are free to install, but you can unlock all of them (which includes a license for professional use) for $2.99 from within the iWork app or click here to get them via the iTunes store.

new fonts iWork - What's New in iWork for iCloud Update

Improved Editing of Documents

The new toolbar allows you to easily edit the name of a document. Pages and Numbers will allow you to drag wedges from pie charts for improved layout of documents.

Improved Usability

In Keynote you can choose to hide the slide navigator – an excellent option if you’re using a smaller screen.

November 21, 2014