Why iOS Gestures Are Fundamentally Changing the Way We Operate

For those of us old enough to remember the ‘olden days’ of Nokia being the market leading phone, and physical buttons being the trusted method for phone interaction, we may well remember the utter distrust and fear of the introduction of the iPhone with no buttons and touchscreen technology.

For this reason, the touchscreen technology had to play fairly safe so as not to upset the norm, by pretending to work just like physical buttons, keeping them in the same place, in the same area of the screen, when in fact they didn’t have to be.  Our fear of change was thwarting innovation, but it was the simplest way to make the transition ‘easy’ for the masses to accept.

iOS 7

This has remained by and large as the main design theme since the introduction of the iPhone to the market in 2007, but with the introduction of gestures in iOS 7, we’re taking steps away from that, steps into real innovation and with it, we may start to get closer to just how much touchscreen technology can offer us.

With the introduction of Control Center and Spotlight in iOS 7 and the use of swipe up, swipe left, swipe down and swipe right technology we saw a major shift in conceptual iOS design! This more gesture based (non-button) technology allows us to activate and control information that you would otherwise not know was there – nothing else tells you it’s there – there are no buttons. what then does this allow us to unlock for future possibilities?

gestures - Why iOS Gestures Are Fundamentally Changing the Way We Operate

iOS 8

We’ve already seen how gesture based commands are making life so much faster using iOS 8 betas. Check out this video if you haven’t:

This is why we’re extremely excited about iOS 8, which will be the most interactive operating system yet, integrating the design into 3rd party apps, double tap options on the multi-tasking screen, group messaging and potentially the larger screened iPhone 6 model allowing for more gesture based commands.

We await Apple’s new releases in Fall with baited breath. We’re ready for you to take us into the future Apple!

August 20, 2014