WWDC 2015 – What Have We Here – UPDATED

This year’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicked off with a bang when Tim Cook gave a much needed talk on Diversity – saying this is key to the company’s future, whilst acknowledging that the company hasn’t done such a great job of being fully diverse – especially in promoting female role models, and that is something they want to change.

This event is (as usual) an exciting insight into what is coming. I bet you are all super excited to find out more about the new features, and how Apple is continuing to warp speed us into the future. So without much further ado, here we go (hold onto your seats).

The App Store

App store 1024x536 - WWDC 2015 - What Have We Here - UPDATED

The App store was only launched 7 years ago, but recently passed the 100 billion apps download mark! The rate of growth on this is impressive. It has literally changed the world of software and software distribution.


iOS 9

iOS 9 1024x536 - WWDC 2015 - What Have We Here - UPDATED

iOS 9 is bringing a host of predictive features to your devices. Your device is going to know what you want…maybe even before you do! Launching in Fall, this is going to change the way we do things.

New Version of Siri

The new version of Siri sounds mega exciting, as it introduces a new ‘proactive’ assistant which can bring up recent photographs, detect when you get into your car, create reminders and a whole host of exciting new features. It can even look up numbers not in your contacts and cross reference those with email and other online sources to find who might be calling you.


Multi-app, multi-touch, we can actually access everything we need to integrate all of our actions in our iPad. But you can also switch between apps using 4 fingered swiping. You can follow links and Safari will access the link on the side. If you follow a link into maps, you can immediately follow another link. If you want to add it to your Calendar, you can just open that up and immediately save all the information you need.

You can make a very simple “to do” list by opening up notes, and even adding a checklist.

If you’re watching a video, but it reminds you of something else you want to look up, but you still want to watch the rest of the video, you can get picture in picture and keep viewing your video small, whilst accessing the other apps you need to.

The new multi-tasking app is quite simply awesome.

Apple Maps

Today Apple announced a major upgrade to Apple Maps including integrated transit directions for commuters, reducing reliance on third party apps such as Google Maps.

Here are the top 10 iOS 9 features.

Here is a full list of the new iOS 9 features that didn’t get a full mention at the conference.

-OCR accessory setup

-Search extensibility

-Audio unit extension

-VPN plug-in extension

-Swift 2

-Map customization

-Direct document

-UI Testing in Xcode

-Notification actions

-Third party notifications

-Sensor profile

-App thinning

-Motorized windows profile

-Flyover and Walkthrough

-New Health data types

-Code coverage

-Gaming APIs

-Automated shades profile

-Layout guide

-Shortcut bar

-Object-oriented Contacts

-New multitasking APIs

-New HomeKit profiles

-iCloud open in place

-Home security profile

-Storyboard references

-App transport security API

-Stack view

-Wireless CarPlay

-HomeKit iCloud remote access


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June 8, 2015