WWDC 2015 – What Have We Here – UPDATED

OS X 10.11 – El Capitan

El Capitan 1024x536 - WWDC 2015 - What Have We Here - UPDATED

Well despite the fact I had my money on the name OS X 10.11 – Mammoth, I think this new operating system is super exciting. Some of the key features are huge security enhancements, improvements to Spotlight features, and new swipe gestures to give you greater control over your workstation.

One of my favourite new features is that you can use Safari to pin tabs to the tab bar. Audio will be added to

Spotlight Widgets

Under the search bar in Spotlight are a number of new widgets which will allow you to keep track of important information, such as upcoming events and Passbook information. This feature will enable your calendar to prompt your iPhone to make the pass easily accessible before you will need it.

Spotlight has become fully proactive as well. It analyses your key behaviours to predict what you might be doing, before you do it. For example, if you check your emails first thing after waking up, it will integrate this so they open ready for you.

Spotlight Search

The new Spotlight search feature might have Google and other main search sites feeling a little nervous, as this new addition may make it far less necessary to Google anything when you can search straight from Spotlight.

Side By Side

El Capitan introduces a new side by side window feature enabling you to split your view so you can view two apps at the same time…or more if you wish. It also allows you to swap screens, go full size and resize windows to your heart’s content.

Cursor Shake

Tired of losing your cursor? Good news; if you shake your mouse (or trackpad) it will show up larger so you can find it more easily. Nice touch.


Swift will provide a single language for app creation for both iOS and OS X 10. These platforms are opening up the possibility for app creators to have limitless potential to improve app creation for business, health, etc.

Here is the demo of the new OSX from the conference.

Here is a list of the 30 new features that didn’t get mentioned at the conference.

-New system font

-Keyboard shortcut for Chinese to English

-Time to leave

-File copy resume

-Flights data detector

-Safari top hit in Spotlight

-Redesigned Disk Utility

-Copy File path in Finder

-New color picker

-Resizeable Spotlight window

-Improved Pinyin predictions

-Autohide menu bar

-Find my Friends widget

-Suggested Contacts

-Improved AutoFill

-New Japanese input method

-Photos editing extensions

-Mute a tab

-Shared Links extensions

-Create reminder from Share menu

-New dictionary languages

-Redesigned crayon picker

-AirPlay Video

-New Chinese system font

-Last search

-Rename from context menu

-Strikethrough in Mail format bar

-Suggested events

-Arabic and Hebrew dictation

-Chinese multiple-character input

-Customize font in Safari Reader

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June 8, 2015