WWDC 2015 – What Have We Here – UPDATED

New Version of Watch OS

Apple Watch 1024x536 - WWDC 2015 - What Have We Here - UPDATED

A moment in history. This is a very exciting platform for developers, enabling them to create brand new applications designed specifically for the wrist. User friendly applications that users can wear. The new version will bring native apps to the human wrist. There’s a lot of exciting new features of Time Travel to make time telling much more user friendly and you can look ahead and look back by pressing the crown and going forward in time to see how time will affect you – your charge, your boarding patterns, the weather, etc. It’s frickin incredible!

The additional features to Watch OS make the usability of the watch much more interesting.

There is a huge number of new third party apps available for the Apple Watch including the VW app, which allows you to  do all sorts of exciting things like preseting the temperature before you get to your car. Wow. Just wow. There is more details of the Apple watch improvements in the video below.

Apple Music

Apple Music 1024x536 - WWDC 2015 - What Have We Here - UPDATED

Music is an integral part of Apple’s culture, and Apple has today announced the launch of Apple Music. This is pretty incredible. It brings together everything music has to offer. Exclusives, pages (like Spotify) for artists, a platform to connect with your favourite artists. Bringing radio, playlists, new features, and creative additions. Any way an artist wants to connect with their fans can be utilised in Apple music. It will change things.

Apple music is going to make sure you no longer have a buzz kill track coming on mid way through your workout. They are launching the first ever Live Worldwide radio station from 3 cities across the world (LA, New York and London). This is exciting. Described as “a music lover’s dream” – Apple Music Beats 1 which will be headed up by Zane Lowe. Real music fans are running the place. I have high hopes for this station – please let it be about the music, not the ads.

For You is a personalised recommendation service for you based on the other music you love – so essentially it’s very (VERY) similar to Spotify.

Apple Music will be $9.99 per month, but so everyone can try it, you get the first 3 months for free!




Thanks for another great WWDC Event Apple – can’t wait for the official launch on June 30th!


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June 8, 2015