Is 2014 The Year of the iWatch?

Industrial Design student Tom Moyano has created a series of designs looking at the concept of the iWatch.

iwatch1 482x1024 - Is 2014 The Year of the iWatch?


His concept design has no clumsy buttons or holes. It’s water and dust resistant. It relies on vibrations to notify you of texts or other notifications.

“The iWatch will be constantly in contact with your skin and body, an important fact to consider. That’s why I decided you shouldn’t hear, but feel the notifications. That is right: Vibration notifications. Perfectly submersible and dust resistant vibration notifications” Moyano.

iwatch4 483x1024 - Is 2014 The Year of the iWatch?

Moyano imagines solar panels and wireless recharging for the device, as battery life is such a challenge in such a small device.

Smart watches have been gathering speed over the past year, with a series of new smart watches in design and being released this year. The question is whether or not people want another accessory to their smart phones, as it’s unlikely the smart watch will overtake the smart phone in the market.

Tech Radar discussed whether or not 2014 is the year of the smartphone in this video:

March 8, 2014