OS X Yosemite is available – TODAY

Oh my god it’s finally here! The reception to the public beta has been awesome, and it looks like we’re finally going to get our hands on the finished version in the app store today. Apple are giving it away free too!

yosemite1 - OS X Yosemite is available - TODAY

Some of the key features we’re geeking out about:

    • Clean and consistent use of typography
    • Continuity
    • You can glance at all your widgets at a glance including third party apps
    • Apps have been completely revitalized
    • Safari has been completely revolutionized & “blazing fast” – 6 times faster than other browsers. Browsing in Safari will get more than 2 hours more battery life when using it on a tablet
    • Great new tab view
    • Stacks multiple pages
    • In mail you can mark up pictures
    • You can send up to 5MB encrypted through iCloud Drive

What to Do Before Updating?

With such a lot of additional use being put across iCloud, you will want to make sure you have your head fully up to speed on using iCloud. Click here to download our free e-book which gives you the lowdown on how to use iCloud.

Our friends over at Macworld have created a very useful article to point out what you need to do before updating right away!

Check this Macworld article first.

October 16, 2014